Natural Skin Care

At Body Institute naturally taking care of your skin is a passion of ours.
We work to heal, nourish and support healthy skin both internally and externally. Because you are beautiful, but when your skin isn’t glowing, you just don’t feel confident and we get that.

For the internal, we’ve got cold pressed, organic juices to detoxify, as well as boost your bod full of skin loving antioxidants.

For external skin support, we stock the very best in natural skincare products from Yard Skincare. We also offer natural facial treatments using these beautiful, simple and effective products.

If you’ve got really troublesome skin, a naturopathic consult with our principal Naturopath Karina is in order.
Karina is passionate about skincare and natural acne treatments and can help you overcome your skin issues, stop hiding away and glow the way you truly deserve to.

tips for glowing skin

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