Ashlee Yates

Ashlee Yates: Children’s Health Naturopath

Having always had a passion for nutrition, Ashlee began university studies with the intention of becoming a dietitian.
At this point, Ashlee didn’t envision herself becoming a children’s Naturopath in Adelaide. During her first year she had a close friend suffer through an undiagnosable illness that was only resolved with naturopathic treatment.
At the time, it seemed absurd that she could find relief from anything other than pharmaceutical interventions – so Ash excused her experience as a coincidence.

It wasn’t until one of Ashlee’s family members developed an autoimmune condition that she finally allowed herself to consider the benefits of naturopathic medicine. Ashlee watched her symptoms progress, was there for the diagnosis, and countless specialist appointments where no one could offer an explanation. Her mother begged her to see a naturopath, and again Ashlee saw someone’s health restored. This is what led her to pursue a bachelor of health science degree, majoring in naturopathic medicine.

The first time Ashlee sought naturopathic care personally was when her son became unwell in 2012. Following the remarkable improvements achieved with his condition, Ashlee developed a passion for children’s health and a drive to become a children’s Naturopath. As a result of Ashlee’s own experiences as a mother, she now has a strong interest in chronic disease management, preconception and paediatric care through utilizing nutritional and herbal medicine to optimize and restore health.

Ashlee Yates Children's health Naturopath

Ashlee Yates

Children’s Health Naturopath

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