Karina Pike: Women’s Health Naturopath and Body Institute Director

Karina founded her original clinic Sowelu Wellness in 2012 and has always had a strong passion for natural therapies and a strong vision for the business.
Karina has over 10 years of clinical experience after completing her advanced diploma in Western Herbal Medicine and an advanced diploma in Naturopathy in 2009. Karina holds a current membership with the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association.

Karina is passionate about individualised treatment plans and supporting her clients to make small, easy and regular changes that amount to huge benefits.

Karina has a natural affinity for treating skin conditions such as acne, healing the gut and helping you move past IBS and IBS like symptoms and helping women come off of hormonal contraceptives and maintain control over their cycles.

What truly makes Karina a unique practitioner is her drive towards gaining a deeper insight to your health via blood, urine, stool and DNA testing. The science is available and Karina truly believes in utilising it to get fast and effective results for her patients.

Karina Pike

Women’s Health Naturopath and Body Institute Director

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