Kylie Anderson: Degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist

Kylie is an Adelaide based, degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist who is passionate about ensuring your treatment is based on an individualised and holistic approach. Meaning she empowers clients to be in control of their own wellbeing and looks for the root cause of any health concerns, believing this will help achieve and maintain results over the long term.
All treatment plans have a focus on food as medicine and are formulated with you in mind, with changes you are prepared to make. This may include functional testing, supplementation if necessary, dietary advice and health and wellbeing advice.

Kylie has a natural affinity for supporting clients through perimenopause and menopause. Kylie is also passionate about thyroid function and correct testing to ensure an accurate treatment plan. If you suspect your thyroid is causing you to gain weight, feel exhausted and lose your hair, Kylie is the practitioner for you – even if you’ve been told previously that your thyroid is ‘fine’.

Kylie has always been fascinated with the concept of Food as Medicine and how small consistent changes can make a profound difference to someone’s health. An appointment with Kylie is so much more than a meal plan and a list of foods to eat or avoid; the holistic nature will take into account your medical history, genetics, goals and lifestyle. Your treatment plan will incorporate small, consistent changes to diet and lifestyle, being both realistic and achievable.

Kylie Anderson

Degree Qualified Clinical Nutritionist

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Body Institute Google Reviews

We pride ourselves on delivering a top notch service at Body Institute.
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Karina has been wonderful helping me work through my digestion and skin concerns over the past few moths. She is a warm, kind and gentle soul who instantly make you feel at ease. There is no judgement or disapproval in discussions with her and I always leave feeling relaxed, revived and inspired to make positive changes. The rooms are beautiful, clean and relaxing. I would highly recommend seeing Karina as a naturopath or for amazing facial treatments!

Leah Nolan Avatar Leah Nolan
December 21, 2022

I decided to make an appointment with Karina after she was highly recommended to me by two of my friends. When I first went to Karina I was experiencing problems with low energy levels, stress, reproductive concerns and gut issues. Karina and I worked closely together over the year and I was feeling better than ever after a series of check-ins and treatments. If I ever ran out of a prescribed supplement, instead of booking a whole new appointment, Karina allowed me to email her and would post the product out to me the next day. This was SO helpful as a full-time Uni student. After recently going on a working holiday to Fiji I returned feeling not so great and booked a DR appointment for blood tests and stool sample which of course, did not detect any 'abnormalities'. Frustrated as I was still feeling very sick, I contacted Karina straight away. She booked me in for an appointment that week and was so helpful in finding the cause of the problems I was experiencing. If you are looking for someone who listens to your health concerns and provides advice that is tailored to your lifestyle, practical and realistic, I couldn't recommend Karina enough.

Cassie G Avatar Cassie G
January 13, 2023

When I went to see Kylie I was at my wits end with small niggles and did not know what to do or where to start with repairing my body. Kylie guided me to make simple changes and the improvements have been swift and made a real difference in my life physically and mentally. Highly recommend if you need a friendly face to give you kind and easy to follow guidance.

sunshine cutts Avatar sunshine cutts
January 23, 2024
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