Marcelle Houtman: Degree Qualified Naturopath at Body Institute Adelaide

Marcelle began her journey with a love for sport and fitness, which quickly blossomed into a passion for nutritional medicine, to give that extra edge in physical performance. As she delved further into the anatomy and biochemistry of the human body, she also realised the incredible benefits of herbs, resulting in her completing a BHSc of naturopathy.

By thoroughly investigating each of your body systems to gain a complete understanding of your presenting complaints and symptoms, she will use the body’s own natural healing capacity, to remove obstacles standing in your way of becoming your happiest, most authentic self. This is done emphasising the use of herbal, nutritional and functional intervention methods based on traditional and scientific evidence. Everyone is at a different place on their health journey and Marcelle will meet you where you’re at right now. It is vital you feel supported, listened to and cared for, with a unique treatment plan created for you that takes into account achievable and sustainable long-term changes.

Marcelle has a special interest in sports nutrition. Whether it’s supporting new mumma’s reach their health goals in the gym or elite athletes who want to optimise their nutrition for triathlons, she’s got you covered. She also loves dealing with woman’s health conditions and supporting, regular pain free periods and healthy glowing skin. This does not by any means limit her to these presentations, and whatever you present with, she will do her best to efficiently and effectively return you to your thriving, best self!

Marcelle Houtman

Degree Qualified Naturopath

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Emily is very caring and knowledgeable practitioner, and I have great confidence in her abilities and advice. Thank you for your care.

Tarq Avatar Tarq
September 14, 2023

Karina is such an angel! I have being going to Body Institute for some facials and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. Really affordable and such a comfortable, relaxing experience. I love that you have the option to buy a yummy, freshly made juice after too! Makes me feel brand new EVERYTIME!

Caitlin McArdle Avatar Caitlin McArdle
June 9, 2022

After feeling as though no doctors were taking my health concerns seriously, and feeling rushed, dismissed and provided with countless Band-Aid solutions that weren’t actually helping me, I went and saw Karina at Body Institute as a last ditch effort to better understand my health and how I can STAY healthy and prevent illness. Firstly she was kind, compassionate, welcoming and validating. I felt heard and she really cared about my individuality and my health goals. I left just one appointment armed with a whole plan, some probiotics, a tonne of information and feeling in control for the first time in a long time! I felt better with each follow up appointment and my immune system and digestion is at an all time high. I can’t recommend her enough, she knows her stuff and is just a beautiful human!

Kate O'Brien Avatar Kate O'Brien
June 2, 2022
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