Do you have Low Immunity?

Do you feel like you are the one in the office who’s always sick, or you seem to pick up every bug that’s going around? Maybe you have thrush that keeps coming back or you know if you get the flu it will always last longer than anyone else’s or turn to bronchitis. You may even have been told you need to have your tonsils or adenoids removed. Perhaps before you go under the knife and before you reach for another round of antibiotics you should visit Karina at Sowelu. What you probably don’t realise is that some foods like dairy, wheat, bananas and even avocado can cause excess mucous. This extra mucous provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and before you know it you are infected – again! You may also be unaware that antibiotics can be non-selective. This means that they kill off all bacteria, good and bad, and your good bacteria is necessary for a healthy gut and a healthy gut makes for a healthy immune system.

So if you are sick of being sick perhaps it’s time to look at why your immune system isn’t as resilient as it should be and why the only thing you can catch is a cold! At Sowelu, we look at your current diet and lifestyle to determine why your immune system is struggling to keep up. We remove foods from the diet that can cause excess mucous and replace them with foods rich in sickness fighting nutrients like Zinc and Vitamin C. If caught and treated early enough we can even replace the need for cold and flu medications and antibiotics with natural supplements and herbs. Please remember at Sowelu we always save one appointment space per day for emergencies. So if you do happen to wake with the flu, a sore throat, thrush or a UTI get on to it straight away and book in!

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