Juice Cleanse Flavours

Morning Elixir

A warm and zingy way to kick start digestion, reduce inflammation and hydrate your bod.

Green Dream

Our most popular green juice.
It’s sweet and refreshing even for those who are just dipping their taste buds into green juices.

Afternoon Delight

A little ‘greener’ than the Green Dream, this one has some tartness to it, while still being delightfully refreshing.


Sweet and satisfying with a hint of mint.
Glow is a popular juice for those wanting radiant, glowing skin.


Cabbage juice can make people a little nervous, but honestly Iris tastes as beautiful as it looks.
Like a peppery apple juice, those brave enough to try Iris are rarely disappointed.


Beetroot Juice Adelaide

Sweet, sweet capsicum!

Heart Beets

Consumption of beetroots may improve running and cycling performance, increase stamina, boost oxygen use, and lead to better exercise performance overall. Find out more details here.


Like a lightly spiced chai, Lush is incredibly popular and tastes even more amazing when lightly warmed up.


There’s a lot of hype around Celery Juice.
The most important thing to look for in a celery juice is Organic Celery!

Monthly Limited Edition Juice

At Body Institute, we love to play with new juice flavours.
These are only available instore, so pop in and ask us about this months limited edition juice!

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