The Body Cleanse in Adelaide

At Body Institute we are all for juice, cold pressed, organic, glass bottled juice.

But we aren’t just about juice, we are about you and your health, whole body.

At Body Institute, we use a commercial cold press juicer, here in Adelaide, to make your juice fresh. You can visit us in store at Goodwood or we can even deliver it straight to your door.

We store our juices in glass bottles, meaning no BPA for you and you can drop your bottles back to us to be reused, leaving less of an impact on our earth.

At Body Institute, we understand the value of quality, so we endeavour to use only organic fruits and vegetables, because why use produce covered in pesticides and toxins when we are trying to cleanse them out?
Organically grown fruits and vegetables tend to have higher amounts of precious vitamins and minerals and when these juices are your only source of nutrients, they need to be packed full!

If we can’t source something organically or it is in short supply, we will keep you informed.

Quality is also the reason we use the very best cold pressed juicer, because friction causes heat and heat damages precious vitamins. Quality ingredients and quality equipment leads to the highest quality juices and we truly believe you deserve nothing but the best.

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