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1 review for Body Institute Gift Card

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Beautiful and easy to use. My sister loved the gift card.

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Body Institute Google Reviews

We pride ourselves on delivering a top notch service at Body Institute.
Below are few of our realtime reviews direct from Google.

Working with Kylie to achieve better health has been inspiring. Her knowledge of nutrition and the role it plays in holistic health and well being has lead me to make positive changes in my approach to food and the importance of it in every day life. She has first hand knowledge of the programs that she recommends and it is evident that they are successful. Kylie introduced me to the Metabolic Balance Program and I have never felt better. Having developed poor eating habits over the last few years, I was eager to lose weight and reduce my cholesterol. Understanding which foods are right for me has helped me to steadily lose weight without feeling hungry and given me energy that I haven’t felt in years. Eating a balance of real whole foods had led to less bloating, less reflux, and less cravings for highly processed foods. It’s been exciting to put on clothes that I haven’t worn in years. Kylie has been engaging and supportive as I continue to work towards my goals by regularly checking in with me to see how I am travelling. I would highly recommend Kylie to anyone who is wanting to improve any aspects of their health and overall well being.

Christine Smillie Avatar Christine Smillie
May 9, 2024

I feel safe with Kylie and feel that I can trust her with my health. In my eyes, that is the best recommendation I can give to anyone.

Adriana Díaz Avatar Adriana Díaz
April 14, 2024

My husband and I have been seeing Karina for a few months and she has helped so much with our health. She is amazing. I highly recommend her.

Sarisa Khraimoon Avatar Sarisa Khraimoon
June 6, 2022