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Naturae Herbal Sleep Tea


The Naturae Herbal Sleep Tea is a gentle blend of calming and mildly sedating herbs traditionally used in the treatment of sleep onset and sleep maintenance insomnia. Brew a cup every night 30-60 minutes before you retire, practice a short sleep meditation and drift off to a restful slumber. Each biodegradable pouch contains approximately 50 servings.

How do I use it?

Place one heaped teaspoon of tea per person into a teapot or infuser and brew for 5 – 10 minutes. For optimum brewing ensure your brewing vessel has a lid or cover. Strain & enjoy!

Herb Spotlight

Skullcap – this herb is known as a tonic to the nervous system and a gentle sedative and is often prescribed by herbalists to treat stress, anxiety, headache, PMS and Insomnia. Skullcap is considered a good choice for those with a ‘busy brain’ and is especially good for those who wake during the night and can’t return to sleep due to overthinking.


Lemon Balm has shown some activity as a thyroid antagonist. This means if you have low thyroid function or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis this mix is best avoided. Ask us about a custom blend that will suit you better.

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