12 Weeks to Glowing Skin

Are you battling problematic skin?

Adelaide Naturopath Karina showing a live blood analysis

Acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, peri-oral dermatitis – we’ve seen it all and we’ve gotten really good at supporting clients through problematic skin conditions. We see so many who feel their only options are harsh medications, topical steroids or long term antibiotics, but there is a better way.

We know that skin conditions can deeply impact your mood, your confidence and your daily life. We also know that to address problematic skin conditions, you need to do the internal work – addressing your gut health, liver function and hormones is imperative to achieving glowing skin.

That’s why our 12 Weeks to Glowing Skin program covers all of these areas. PLUS you’ll get a diet specific to your skin’s needs AND we will support you with a long term plan to maintain healthy glowing skin and reduce scarring, redness and pigmentation.

What’s better is that all of this can be done from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll have regular support from both our Nutritionist and our Naturopath including 1:1 time with a practitioner, a personalised plan, weekly information and group calls as well as a private secure group to gain support from those who are going through the same skin conditions as you.

To do this 1:1 in our clinic would cost you over $2800, but this program won’t.

The 12 Weeks to Glowing Skin Program is perfect for anyone suffering from:

Hormonal Acne

Adult Onset Acne

Post Pill Acne




Ageing Skin




Perioral Dermatitis

Fungal Skin Conditions

What's Included:

1:1 consultation with either our Naturopath or Nutritionist.

Personalised meal plan to support your specific skin concerns

Weekly videos and handouts to help you understand your skin and to support you through necessary diet changes.

Unlimited online support.

Access to practitioner strength supplements, specific to your needs, prescribed in your 1:1 consultations.

Discounts on skincare products specific to your needs

Free pre-screening phone call

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Need Help?

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Body Institute Google Reviews

We pride ourselves on delivering a top notch service at Body Institute.
Below are few of our realtime reviews direct from Google.

I’ve been seeing Karina for various reasons over the past 18 months. She’s calm, kind and caring. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to see a great, supportive naturopath who helps you get results!

Jessica Kelly Avatar Jessica Kelly
November 21, 2023

Thanks to Karina's care my body is slowly returning to a much healthier situation. It took a while of not listening to the messages my body was sending me before I realised I needed some assistance. I'm now working with Karina to listen to my body and I'm committed to taking my supplements regularly. Thank you for the support and encouragement you are giving me Karina.

Lesley Hoff (Hoffa) Avatar Lesley Hoff (Hoffa)
January 11, 2023

It has been a wonderful facial journey at Body institute..Karina is fabulous 👌 makes each visit memorable, like sometimes I wish the session never ends😄 with amazing result ❤ Keep up the good work Karina @ Body Institute ❤

Mirian christabel Avatar Mirian christabel
March 27, 2024
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