Bloating, constipation and low energy? Are you ready to kick these uncomfortable symptoms for good?

Adelaide Naturopath Karina showing a live blood analysis

We know that digestive discomfort can consume every waking thought, stop you from doing the things you love or make you nervous about eating certain foods full stop.

Going out for dinner isn’t fun when you’re frightened of the menu.
Being in unknown public spaces becomes an anxious excursion when you have a constant need to know where the nearest toilets are.

We also know there is a lot of noise around gut health – every supplement and diet promises a solution, but they rarely have the desired results.

That’s why our degree qualified, digestive health Naturopath created the 8 week Gut Reset Program.

The 8 Week Gut Reset Program is perfect for anyone suffering from:





Nausea & Vomiting

Bad Breathe







Feeling Constantly Full

Discomfort After Eating

Abdominal Pain

Food Sensitivities

Loose or Watery Bowel Motions

Anxiety Around Moving Bowels

What's Included:

In each of your sessions we spend about 45 minutes going over everything about you – your goals, your diet and your past medical history. This is where we personalise the treatment to your needs in alignment with your goals. We will create a unique supplement plan to support healing of the digestive system and promote a diverse microbiome. With the obvious end goal being symptom free and feeling the best you have in years.

We will hand-pick whole food and varied recipes to support your dietary requirements, cooking ability and time requirements. We will work with you to choose recipes that fit in with your style of eating – we won’t have you running around to 7 different grocery stores to find strange ingredients. We can adapt recipe quantities so you can make enough for the whole family because we know change is easier when you have accountability buddies. Meal plans include a weekly shopping list with the exact quantities of everything you need.

You will receive regular informative emails outlining the benefits of the supplements we have recommended and how they work. We’ve found that it helps to understand the science behind why these supplements help and why not all supplements on the market are the same. We also know there is a lot of confusion when it comes to gut health and we want to help you clear this up

For the entire 8 weeks of your program you will have unlimited access to your Naturopath whether it’s via phone or email, so you can be confident that you are always on the right track

We send off a dried blood sample for assessment against 190 foods to determine if food reactions are contributing to your physical symptoms. We’ve found that removing highly reactive foods can decrease inflammation, reduce stress on the immune system and allow your body time to heal. Depending on your presenting condition or if we feel we need to delve a little deeper, we may recommend alternative pathology tests – after all this is a personalised program and we are all different.

Before you jump in, we want to ask you a couple of questions to make sure this is suited to you and to ensure that you will gain maximum benefit from taking part in our gut reset program. We think it covers all of the important areas but acknowledge that everybody is different and sometimes a slightly different approach would suit you better. Keep in mind this is a no obligation, free chat with one of our Naturopaths.

Total package value more than $1600!!!

Paid Weekly
$190Per Week
  • Spread Payments over 8 Weeks
  • Saves more than $80!
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Body Institute Google Reviews

We pride ourselves on delivering a top notch service at Body Institute.
Below are few of our realtime reviews direct from Google.

I highly recommend Karina and the Body Institute. Karina is warm, empathetic and genuine. Her advice is tailored for my lifestyle, and is always practical and realistic. While my own personal discipline is sometimes lacking, I always feel re-inspired after my appointments with Karina. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Jessica Riley Avatar Jessica Riley
October 28, 2022

A lovely tranquil and caring environment with highly knowledgeable naturopaths and health care providers. Their treatments really work, and I am especially impressed with the meal plan Georgia set out for me. Couldn't reccomend them highly enough !

Sarah Dallwitz Avatar Sarah Dallwitz
December 14, 2021

Thanks so much Emily for explaining my results in a way that I could easily understand! Ive had Thyroid issues for 30+ years and I found the way that you described everything was so simple and the treatment plan moving forwards makes a lot of sense and Im looking forward to seeing the changes in 3 months time! Thanks again!

Suzanne Ingleton Avatar Suzanne Ingleton
October 3, 2023
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