We love introducing you to our friends and fellow practitioners here at the good hub. It’s time we introduce you to Suzanne Ingleton – Your InnerCalm Coach.
Suzanne is a Weight Loss Health Coach and Reiki Master Teacher. She runs a brilliant weightloss program called 5in4 and her clients have amazing results.
What started your health and wellness Journey?

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it totally rocked my world. I was a Single Mum and a busy Personal Assistant working in a large corporation. During my treatment for Cancer I was so in awe of the care that I received from complete strangers that I remember walking out of my last Radio Therapy treatment with the words “I have to give back” echoing in my mind.
I really didn’t know how I could give back and repay the kindness of others until I embarked on a Fitness career. My Oncologist at the time said that in order for me to survive I needed to be fit and healthy – so that’s what I did.
I became a Personal Trainer and helped men and women to be the fittest and healthiest versions of themselves.
As a result of a chance meeting with a client who wanted to swap Reiki for PT Sessions, I fell in love with Reiki and became a Reiki Master and Teacher and I began to help people on a soul level using Energy healing.
From there, life lead me to Hypnotherapy, NLP and TimeLine Therapy® and I now
specialize in helping women to shift their emotional baggage, and lose weight permanently by working with the power of the mind, Energy Healing and the magic of Naturopaths!
I have created a signature program called the 5in4 Weight Loss Program where I use a mix of Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Reiki and with the help of Naturopaths- address gut health. Which when combined with my program, has created powerful emotional shifts and easy and lasting weight loss results.

What one health, diet or fitness rule do you live by?

Meditation. I am a qualified Meditation teacher and I practice it everyday. Everyone has time to sit and breathe for just 5 mins each day. When our mind is calm, our body is calm, which means our metabolic and body function systems work in balance and we can achieve homeostasis.

What is the biggest health and wellness industry misconception that you are constantly myth busting?

That weight loss is all about eating less food and exercising more!
We actually need to eat food to survive and its more about having an awareness of what kinds of foods to eat in balance – proteins, carbohydrates and fats combined with a stress free mind and body.
If we are stressed – then our body goes into fight or flight mode – and our digestive and metabolic systems begin to shut down by degrees. If our mind is stressed, our digestive system does not function properly, if our digestive system does not function properly, our mind becomes stressed.

We can actually lose weight by not exercising. However, we do need to move!
Walking up to 30 mins a day is enough to help you lose weight, along with eating the right types of food in the right portions, and attending to the state of our mental health.

How do you contribute to the health and wellness of those around you?

Through my business Your InnerCalm Coach, I help women to lose weight, remove old negative emotions and balance their subtle energy body. I love to bring awareness to how the mind and body are so deeply connected and that it is possible to change negative thoughts and emotions and that we do not have to be a slave to them. Cravings, binge eating, negative self talk and low self-esteem
can all be turned around to feelings of positivity, motivation, freedom, being able to make simple easy choices and of being in control.

Have you ready any inspiring books on health and wellness lately?

I loved reading Destressifying by Davidji.
Its all about understanding how stress wreaks havoc in our lives and it gives simple tools and practical methods for prioritizing your own needs, managing emotions and communicating efficiently.

Favorite quote?

“What we think about – we bring about” – Bob Proctor

Want to know more about Suzanne?

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