Suffering from any of these Ailments?

Hormonal Imbalances

Irregular, painful and heavy periods, while common, should not be considered ‘normal’. These are all signs of a hormonal imbalance.
Many women suffer painful, irregular periods with severe PMS as a result of a hormonal imbalance.
We want you to know that periods should be regular and pain free…

Food Intolerances

If you’re suffering from poor digestion, bloating and discomfort, constipation or straining when you move your bowels, you’ve probably been diagnosed with IBS but not given any direction on treatment or support.
You’re likely wondering what foods are triggering your discomfort, we can help.


Are you ready to discover the driving force behind your acne?
Have you tried all the creams and cleansers available and still not had results?
We know what a battle it can be, working to clear your skin and we totally understand the feeling of insecurity that comes along with the spots. We are ready to help you with a better approach.

Chronic Fatigue

Does your level of exhaustion go beyond simply feeling tired?
Are you struggling to get through your day to day tasks?
It might be chronic fatigue syndrome.
CFS is a tricky one to get a diagnosis for and even then many sufferers don’t feel they get sufficient answers or support, but we can help.

Fluctuating Weight

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting?
Do you go all in for a number of weeks before it all gets too hard and you’re back to quick fixes and old habits?
There is so much conflicting information around when it comes to weight loss and we want to help you sort through it and find a healthy, balanced lifestyle that works for you and your body.

Low Immunity

Are you sick of being sick?
It really holds you back doesn’t it? You just get over a cold and then suddenly your right back to square one – on the couch with the tissues.
Continuously battling the same infection is a sign of low immunity. So let’s get on top of that.

Children's Health


Many children’s health conditions come on suddenly and rapidly, which can be scary. But with the right treatment, we can support their natural ability to heal and work to prevent future illness.
Your child is not simply a smaller version of you, their bodies are physiologically different in the way they respond to illness and treatment.

Body Institute Google Reviews

We pride ourselves on delivering a top notch service at Body Institute.
Below are few of our realtime reviews direct from Google.

Marcelle is a brilliant naturopath! Her thoroughness, knowledge and kind nature create a space of calm where you know you are in good hands. After struggling for years with bad dermatitis on my face, and countless other treatment attempts, I came in to see Marcelle. A few months in, my skin has improved significantly, the inflammation has reduced and the redness has faded. If you are in need of great care, I would highly recommend Marcelle!

Lauren Collins Avatar Lauren Collins
September 28, 2023

Karina is an incredible naturopath, extremely easy to communicate with and her knowledge is amazing. My husband and I have both had huge success and the best part is the flexibility of online/phone consults (saves us a 6hr trip!). I will always recommend her to anyone as she has absolutely changed our life!

Emma Tully Avatar Emma Tully
October 26, 2022

Karina was highly recommended to me by a friend, and with good reason! I have had two consults with her so far and the changes I have noticed so early on have me thinking 'why didn't I do this sooner'. She has a great warmth and understanding, without judgement. I'm looking forward to the progress I'll continue to make with her guidance!

Demi Williams Avatar Demi Williams
August 22, 2022
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